Harmony puzzle

4.2 ( 2512 ratings )
음악 게임 가족 퍼즐 퀴즈
개발자: NextStack LLC
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Whats the difference between dreams and reality? Maybe its all about colors? Harmony puzzle is a game made for you to bring your dream colors come to real. In this colorful game we made four parts for you inspired by nature:

• Flowers - youll feel all the pallets of flowers with the special music which will make you feel like in flowers field.

• Sea - with all the range of blue, and the game will come more challenging as the color combinations will gradually come harder. Music will help you too feel sea breeze and relax.

• Forest- level of green. It will bring you to magical atmosphere of forest.

• Rainbow- After all, you will reach the Rainbow level the most colorful and complicated one.
All levels are solvable.
Available 11 undos.
All music was written for this App.
Thanks and Enjoy Harmony puzzle!